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Business Advisory

Growth Strategy

We lend our industry experience to add an external perspective to the Board or the Senior Leadership Team in the company. There are times that our client has grown, but not at the pace that they desired. We analyse the past, combine our experience and work with our clients on a step-by-step tailored approach to swing back on-track to the desired growth velocity. Our framework delivers as per the following phases

Operational Scaling

At times, the current organisation fails to scale as per the expectations of the Board. Being outside the system, we are able to take a bird’s eye view into the entire process and suggest alternatives. Most of our solutions in the past have included the use of technology to enable change needed for scaling. We do not implement the solution. We suggest and help manage the transformation. Post implementation, we help to review and fine-tune the solution.

To facilitate a customised proposal for Operational Scaling, we offer a One-Day Discovery Workshop comprising two parts:

  • C-Suite Session – ½ Day
  • Middle Management Session – ½ Day

These sessions are typically followed by a presentation to the Management Team and a detailed proposal (a week after).

Executive Coaching

Our partners and principals have an average of 30+ years of industry experience. They are all willing to share their experience and be the sounding board for younger executives who may have a short-term need for independent, strategic perspectives based on experience.

Executive Search

Acquiring talent is fast becoming a continuous process in many organisations. Senior executives however, have very little time for in-depth business competency interviews for candidates short-listed by HR. In a competitive environment, good candidates may not make the shortlist due to the interviewer not looking beyond the stereotype or because of unconscious bias. Experience helps. Our partners have professionally managed other organisations in the past and are able to continuously assess candidates, just like our clients’ senior executives would. This saves on senior executive time but at the same time filters talent into the company. (Senergy Eastern is licensed by the Ministry of Manpower, Singapore to perform Executive Search). 



Due Diligence

Together with a partner firm, we work with late stage VC and PE Firms focussed on the Technology Industry, to conduct Due Diligence exercise on prospective acquisitions. Our Due Diligence Model covers the following areas

  • Strategic Fit
  • Customer Due Diligence
  • Administrative Due Diligence
  • Financial Due Diligence
  • Asset Due Diligence (including Intellectual Property)
  • Legal Due Diligence
  • Environmental Due Diligence

Some of the above activities are undertaken together with qualified partners.

Human Resource Assessment


Organisations often need to understand the quality of their human resources with respect to issues that may be leading to Organisation Performance. Using a proprietary Analysis Model, Senergy Eastern conducts staff surveys and analysis to determine the factors which cause such Performance Gaps (i.e., if they are related to the quality of staff or staff communication or any other relevant factors).

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